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The messenger of the skies

(translated by the author from the orginal portuguese tale, “O mensageiro dos céus ”)

Near two thousand years ago, a sexagenarian tibetan buddhist, who had a great number of followers, decided to travel from his home Tibet to the southwest corner of Asia. The buddhist would only carry his clothings, his wooden staff and one young follower… Very few persons on the village knew what the old monk would do so far away from there, but some speculated that he were following a message of the spirits; And would cross huge distancies in the name of faith: the message said that the messenger of the skies, the real son of God, were among the men of the world; And soon he would reveal himself, changing forever the sad and confused heart of the humanity.

Ayatsu was the chosen one to follow the monk. He were still young and very happy with the glorious destiny of not only know the distant lands of the world, but to also see the son of God! After years of wandering, they finally arrived on the city of Jerusalem. There they found another old buddhist, who came from Tibet previously. This other monk said that he had given up the seek; After all, it was impossible to find one man in a so extensive region… Later he came back to his native land.

After some time of reflection, the monk had an idea and followed it: he assembled a tent at one of the city entrances and ordered Ayatsu to spread the notice that on this tent they were hiring miserables and shepherds for working as employers at rich houses. In the other day there was a small row of men outside the tent. The monk said to Ayatsu that he would kneel down and worship each man that enter the tent as the son of God, but only a specific reaction from one of them would indicate that he is realy the man from the skies.

During that day and others, and weeks, and mouths, no man reacted by the adequate form… So finally the monk gave up and decided to return to Tibet. Ayatsu tried to imagine what type of reaction would reveal the son of God: to shine as the Sun? To levitate? To do some miracle?

After years they returned to Tibet. The monk was already conformed and did not hope to ever find the messenger of the skies. However, in a sunny morning, a man of judish appearance, brown hair and beards, green eyes, and wearing light clothes of hot colors, appeared at the entrance of the monastery where the monk lived. He spoke:

-I came to learn your religion. I don`t look for nothing instead of your knowledge.

Enraptured, the olk monk kneeled down at the front of the man; And the man, uncomfortable with the act of the monk, kneeled down too. So, the monk leaned his head on the ground, and were imediatelly followed by the man. With enormous joy inside his heart, the buddhist looked to the eyes of the stranger and said:

-You are the lord of all of us, the messenger of the skies!

With a face full of peace, the man aswered:

-No. I`m nothing more than you or any other man of the world, all of us have a little piece of God inside ourselves. We are all sons of God. What I have done was to look deep inside my heart, and discover the truth about all wonderful things that compose the creation, the everything.



Thanks to JanAnn (writer32) for his aid by reading the portuguese version of this tale and helping me to translate it the way it should be translated. Hope you like this final version.


Image credits : Wikipedia (early christinanity)

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