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Netzach shebe Netzach (english version)

In May 9th 2014, during the meditation of the Counting of the Omer (Sefirat ha Ômer), those words came to me. A day afater, my friend Fabio Almeida (author of the portuguese blog, podcast and videocast Música & Magia [Music & Magic]) gave me this wonderful gift, with music than seens to come from the same place from where came those words (*)...

(*) Here are the words (versão em português aqui):

The ancient used to look upon the night sky
and connect those dots of light,
imagining a variety of forms and shapes
and symbols
and gods…

If the nights were even more filled with stars,
shining too close,
their light would dazzle us
and, being blind like this,
we wouldn’t take note of any constellation…

In the same way, we know
that there are nights full of storms
and so densely clouded,
that it’s thick veil overshadows all light.
Yet, even in the middle of the torrential rains,
lightning comes down
to warn us
that light still lingers,
untouched and pure,
even within the darkest night…

Oh, villagers of the lost tribes,
hear that thunder,
feel that rumble
shaking the entire world!

And then, think about this truth:
“It’s only because there is darkness
that we know what light is.
It’s only because there are storms
that we know what tranquility is.
And it’s only because there is so, so much loneliness,
that we remember the world from which we came from,
where all the stars of the endless night
formed, in the view of their inhabitants,
a single symbol,
a single god;
and his name was –
The one who lives in everything.”

(also translated from portuguese by raph)


Crédito da imagem: Rhys Logan

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Anonymous Anônimo disse...

Perfeito nas duas versões! :)

15/5/14 18:37  

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